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Customer Stories: Wine Bottling Solutions

Discover how Wine Bottling Solutions optimised their supply chain performance with eBottli

eBottli chats to Trevor Underwood CEO and Shaun Line Supervisor from Wine Blottling Solution to learn how eBottli has transofrmed and digitized their supply chain performance, optimized their operations and enabling real-time inventory visibility from any device.

"Our team at Wine Bottling Solutions have now moved away from manual processes, resulting in streamined warehouse processes saving our business on time which can be better spent with customers and promoting our business."
eBottli provides smart, effective, and compliant real-time workflow management software to save money and time and reduce paperwork for sustainable food and wine production and manufacturing industry.
Trevor Underwood
CEO - Wine Bottling Solution

Challenge: Expanding during challenging times

Industry Disruption
Paper centric business
Limited Warehouse Staff

65% of the business had been lost due to major industry disruption. Implementing new warehouse systems was not top of the priority list!

Family business run for years by coding each bottle, printing and filing in folders causing delays and errors.

Introducing a sophisticated complicated warehouse system was not going work as staffing was limited and not particularly “tech savvy”

Solution: eBottli's Pallet Tacking

Real-time Inventory
Digitised your warehouse operations process
Simplicity and intuitive

eBottli enables businesses to make data-driven decisions resulting in optimized stock levels whilst reducing the risk of stockouts. eBottli also enables users to respond quickly to changes in demand, improve order fulfillment times, and locate stock quickly.

No more paper! Boost and streamline warehouse operations, reduce costs, promote accuracy with stock and productivity with eBottli’s expert paperless solutions.

You don’t need to be a techny to use eBottli! Time is money these days. With user-friendly interfaces, intuitive workflows, and automated features, you can streamline your operations without a steep learning curve. 

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